• Due Diligence
    We act as your extended arm in India. Organizations looking for software solutions or seeking software partners can depend on us from the pre selection till the project execution process.

    • Technical Strength
    With deep technical knowledge we provide a perfect blend for our clients to execute any of their business needs. The long-term core team, optimal utilization of resources across multiple projects domain and functional expertise technology expertise helps us to execute project 100% successfully.

    • Time-To-Market
    Drawing on the expertise of our team of software development professionals, we can help to get your projects faster from concept to market /implementation. ICG has successfully completed International project strictly maintaining Time scheduled described by our clients.

    • Quality
    We have developed robust systems, processes and methodologies, which lay the framework for developing quality products.

    • Confidentiality
    We provide the benefit of experience from our past without compromising on confidentiality. Customer Non Disclosure and Staff Confidentiality Agreements are standard elements of our business ethos.

    • Other Value Addition
    ICG provides Buffer Resources, Technical Guidance and Quality Assurance at no additional cost in order to prevent cost and schedule overrun
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