ICG provides simple solutions to complex applications both in the desktop and web environment. With our expertise in multimedia & animation ICG also provides solutions in the field of Media and entertainment satisfying its prestigious clients across the globe. ICG provides a one-stop source for complete, end-to-end services, ranging from pre-implementation planning through maintenance, support, and upgrade including all the necessary software and infrastructure maintenance functions to maintain and continuously improve the performance of our clients existing system.

Business solutions using operations research techniques


Design and development of business solutions using operations research techniques like optimization, constraint programming, simulation and business analytics. Our portfolio of solutions in the supply chain planning include:

  • Supply Chain Optimizer
  • Production Scheduler
  • Procurement Optimizer
  • Vehicle Route Optimizer
  • Shift Scheduler
  • Demand Planner
  • Production Planner
  • Inventory Optimizer
  • Transportation Optimizer
  • Workforce Optimizer
  • SCM Analytics

 Web Applications
  • ERP
  • Customized Business Applications
  • Billing software
  • Chat forum
  • Portals
  • Shopping Carts
  • Dynamic site
  • CMS
  • Design database related websites and customize it.
  • Flash web site design.
  • Intranet creation application: VRML/XML format
  • Extranet
  • Develop middle-tier applications for high traffic and performance e-commerce engines, advanced product search and classification technologies, use search engine optimization methods.
  • Design of simple to complex Search engines

Desktop Applications
  • ERP
  • MRP
  • Customized applications like Inventory Control Management, Production Control & Planning, Imports, Exports, Billing, Accounting & Finance
  • Holiday Home
  • Hotel Management software
  • Integrated solution for co-operative banks.
  • School CRM
  • Spyware & File Management software
  • Embedded software for security systems

  • Interactive CDs
  • 2D / 3D Animation work
  • Video compression, Graphic compression, Format conversion of a complete movie: MPEG4 Format
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