Our Software Development Methodology covers the entire life cycle of an Information System, from the initial planning to the end of the System’s useful life. The Methodology is a structured yet flexible approach to Information System delivery.

In this approach, Projects are planned, organized and controlled by a set of activities, which end with the production of a deliverable or a set of deliverables. The approach not only ensures repeatability of the process but also enables setting up intermediate control points.

The Software Development Methodology in use is based on certain objectives that are fundamental to the approach. The objectives in terms of this approach are incorporation of Process Modeling in Structured Techniques, Improvement of Requirement Definition by use of prototyping where appropriate, association of each participant with a deliverable they are working on, and ensuring quality in product, process and documentation along with the development.

An obsession with Quality is the common thread that runs through all activities in our Software Development and Consulting Group. We have developed robust systems, processes and methodologies, which lay the framework for developing quality products.

The QA activities will encompass the following:

    * Internal review of all the deliverables

    * Arrange for review of the Design Standards to be followed in the project

Ensuring that the Software Development Processes are followed while executing the project.

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