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Retrospective Invoicing

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Problem Statement

Quarterly data approximately of 50 to 80k records of various products are generated in a text file from certain system for retrospective billing. This data through a unique key against each product needs to be identified and updated based on certain business logic to IFS ERP system. A report is generated once the complete set of updating for all records are completed. Currently this cumbersome job is performed manually which is time consuming and error prone, thus an alternate way of automation is being considered.


Probable Solutions

Non-Invasive Automation: RPA is the way to go without any interference or structural changes to the current eco system. This would be non-intrusive having no need for any deeper integration at API levels or development of a new component. This would require simply a pre-programmed Robot to be installed at the client location and the Robot can be triggered manually or through a mail as per the need.

  • We recommend UiPath as the RPA platform for development
  • There are two types of Robots for consideration ex: Attended and Unattended. While unattended Robots can be triggered/scheduled and automated remotely, the Attended Robots needs to be triggered manually for each of the jobs. It is recommended to go with a single attended Robot license initially and scale up based on the need in future.