Portfolios - Blue Coloured Incentive Management System

Blue Coloured Incentive Management System

Portfolio Description

Enterprise Application

Phoenix Conveyor Belt India Private Ltd. manufactures conveyor belts in India. It offers synthetic textile reinforced conveyor belts, steel cord conveyor belts, conveyor systems and protection systems. It is a subsidiary of Phoenix Conveyor Belt Systems GmbH, Germany

Business Problem  : The company uses SAP system and were unable to calculate the Incentives of the workers and integrate with their payroll system. 

Our Solution : Blue Collar Incentive System (BCIS) is intended to help the user calculate incentives of blue collar employees with respect to production output and efficiency. It describes the requirements and specifications of Blue Collar Incentive System (BCIS). It explains the functional features of the incentive system, along with interface details, design constraints and related considerations such as performance characteristics. This is intended for developers and users of BCIS. The system will also take care of the Attendance Reward scheme.

Based on our systems study and keeping in mind the user requirements, we feel Blue Collar Incentive System application should be develop on state-of-the-art system technology with Internet Information Server  (IIS 7.0) and windows 2003 at the server end, Oracle 9i as the database , Active Server Pages(ASP 3.5),HTML, JavaScript, Ajax for the development of user interface , C#(C-Sharp) as the code-behind programming language and Oracle Data Provider for .NET(ODP.NET) as the connection between user interface and database

The following modules were developed 

  • Attendance and Worker Allocation module.
  • Production Data Capture module.
  • Incentive Calculation Module
  • MIS Reporting Module.
  • Master Data consolidation and maintenance for the above modules