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BlueCollar Productivity LinkedIncentive System (BCPLIS)
It is intended to help theuser calculate incentivesof blue collar employees with respect to production output and efficiency.BCPLIS is intended to capture attendance information and then allocate blue collar workers to various jobs. Workers are allocated ingroups. At the end ofthe shift, person from the production department feeds all the productiontransaction details in the system. The system computes loss of working hours.Engineering department further comments on the reasons for Loss of Working Hours due to MDT. BCPLIS is an Intranet based application and therefore compatible to Internet Explorer 7.0/FireFox 3.6+


Attendance and Workers Allocation module
Integration of Attendance data captured from clocksinto a central Oracle database on periodic file feed basis. A scheduled system component is implemented which automatically polls the  folder fornew attendance file dumps and populates the data from those new files into theOracle database. Terminal application for registering contract labor attendance information (to be used at Entry gate). Interface for viewing available unallocated resources (combined view for Card Punching system,employees carrying provisional ID and contract labours) is provided in the system. It also has an interface for allocation and deallocation of a worker to a task(including de-allocation from a previously allocated task) – including shift normal or OT information. Interface for hours adjustment by HR(mainly for OT), interface for freezing entry of Attendance data for a given month are provided in the system. Optional interface for de-freezing andre-freezing attendance data entry by the admin is provided in the system.


Production Data Capture module
Computation of Loss and Loss hours data entry(including updating Loss Reason by Engineering department) for MDT (i.e.machine downtime). It has an interface for freezing entry of Production data for a given month .Excel file upload to system for Finished Product Stocktransfer is provided. Update # of defects for Finished Product Data from SAP system is available in the system. Audit trail for input and upload data is apart of the system.

Content Management for a large DotCom company based in New York, USA-http://www.ivillage.com
The client required the entire siteto be revamped into a new architecture with new functionalities in place. Thelook and feel of the entire site was to be changed. The revamping was carriedout for the various sections in the entire site. The entire site was present inTCL and with HTML while the new site is all in TCL again but with an extensiveusage of XHTML (1.0 transition compliant) and XML. 

The Phase I of the project mainly focused on a specific channel. Phase IIfocuses on the rest of the Channels. The launch for the first phase was onschedule while the second phase has been launched in January 2005. 

The role played by employee(s) of ICG is that of an off-shore co-ordinator, whichrequires having an immense knowledge of the site and to lead a team from the off-shore end to cater to the requirements of the client and to deliver a qualityproduct and as per the standards specified by the client.

Regarding the architecture, the client has different set-ups for the same in eachof the environments. For the database transactions, an interface has been providedwhich talks with the database and performs the necessary actions. Authentication and authorization is required at each interface in every environment. As partof the architecture it requires us to be aware of the intricacies involved regarding the caching phenomenon and the storage area in the server for thestatic files. 

As part of the deliverables given to the client as per the project plan, it requireseach member to complete a thorough round of unit testing before turning the completed code to the client end for the code-review and to verify that the standards that are laid down by the client are strictly followed .Internal meetings are held to assure that the project is on a smooth track and the aesthetic looks are taken care of while delivering a quality product to the clienton time.

A dynamic site for a Chinese Telecom Company - www.lookit.com.cn 
Client was looking for a website with their variousproducts , new items , news, jobs on a random changing environment. We proposed them with a dynamic site where they can upload pictures , contents and related information in the site anytime. The client need not depend on any 3rd partyfor any maintenance support or for any modifications /content changes in thesite. 

A website for star hotel in UK- www.greshamhotel-hydepark.co.uk 
Client wanted a good , aestheticwebsite with their contents , hotel pictures and tariffs to be shown in theinternet for attracting their prospecting clients. A website was developedkeeping in mind of the aesthetic views and eye soothing approach. 

A website for a Service Provider& Networking company in South Africa - www.orangebiz.co.za 
Client wanted to have a website withtheir line of activities. Being a new organization they opted for a simplewebsite with relevant business information. In due course of time we will be upgrading their site with many other added features. 

A shopping cart for a client in USA – www.usabuychina.com
A complex shopping cart with registered buyers and sellers transaction businesses online. During the first phase we have added many features on the site. In due course of time we will be upgrading this shopping cart with many other features.  

A website for Family-clubbing in India - www.thewalden.co.in 

An online shopping cart for a client in UK - www.123ebig.co.uk 

Web based ERP for a manufacturing company in Bangladesh 
An integrated web based solution for a textile ancillary company with Stores ,purchase , Imports , Exports, Production & Planning , Quality , Sales modules. This software will facilitate the complete Quotation, Orders , Sales, Inventory and Production status with fine tuned documentations. Based on the RFQ, client send the Quotation and Sales Confirmation/Performa Invoice to registered Agent/Customer. On the basis of quotation and the negotiation the orders gets finalized and the Agent/Customer places the order to the client. Finally Production Schedule goes to production department for completion to Finished Items. In mean time if any material is shortage in Inventory then Purchase department make purchase procedures. On the basis of Order supply client makes ready for Letter Credit (LC) and along with Performa Invoice generates the Bank Documents. 

A CMS driven website for a Law firmin UK - www.securitytrustee.co.uk 
Developed a Content Management System(CMS) which can be used to change the contents of the new site. We used WYSIWYGcomponent for content editing.. The application is w3 compliant and runsseamlessly on IE/Firefox and other Mozilla compliant browsers. We providednecessary installation script for deployment of the application. 

Hospital CRM &Billing System -http://www.planethospital.com
Developed a CRM and billingapplication targeted for Medical Tourism industry. Responsibilities includedCase manager’s module, Doctor’s Appointment, Patient module, medical tourpackage module, online quotation, alert services, payment module, ticketingapplication and reports. 

Document Management Software
The idea behind this interface is to have a standardizedprocess for analyzing Echocardiograms, MRIs, and CT Scans. The Doctors willinput both Quantitative and Qualitative information. Quantitative informationwill auto-populate the qualitative part of the site, and then there areadditional questions (short and long answers) which will fill in the qualitativeportion of the website. Short answers will be selectable, and the long answerswill auto populate based on short answers. Long answers will be editable. Onceall fields are filled in - a review will finalize the project, and it will bemade into a PDF to be printable.

Online Utility Bill Payment Service-http://www.paymaster-online.com 
Develop Jamaica's first multi-payment agency. Responsibilities includedBiller and subscriber module, alert services, payment storage system,encryption module, automated credit card processing services and variousreports. Also developed a comprehensive CMS solution. Development of CRMmodules and online ticketing system is underway. 

Online VOIP Billing, Reseller and CRM Application-http://www.vontastic.com 
Develop VOIP billing and CRM application from ground up withresponsibilities of Automation of billing module, credit card processing,invoice generation and alert services. Also developed CRM module and ticketingapplication to register customer’s problem. Additional modules: Resellermodules, e-fax. 

Online shopping cart-http://www.happymothers.com 
Providing excellent shopping experience for customers looking forproducts for toddlers, infants and their mothers with responsibilities toprovide real-time shopping experience, authentication, payment gateway, ordermanagement, billing, inventory management and CRM. Also developed the CMS forthe portal. 

Online Forex trading 
Facilitating currency trading using historical trends and real-timefeeds. Responsibilities included to provide historical charts and real-timetrends, deal request, placing OCO trade order, single trade order, singleassociated position trade order, modify if then trade order, cancel order,reports, etc. This project is currently under development. 

Online Video Exchange 
This project is a video sharing service that lets you upload, tag andshare videos thru a standard web browser. You can browse videos uploaded byothers in the site by clicking on the channels. You can link a video that ishosted here to any website or email or auction site. 

Upload and share/view video, video blog, invite someone in virtual world(which is basically a room consist of forum, a calendar, video list,favourites, contact list, etc.) and membership management. 

Online Premier Healthcare Staffing-http://www.medicalworkers.com 
Client dedicated to identifying and employing qualified professionalsfor the health care industry. The online system will assess and fulfilemployers real staffing needs. 

Designing back office architecture, as per client requirements;coordinating with remote analyst to define various modules; creating use casesand class diagrams and workflow designs. Have developed job seekers modules(registration & resume maintenance), job identification web services, jobnotification services, payroll services, reference matching, and job search(including delay/offline search auto-invocation), employer’s advance search;online discussion/interview board. Back office modules: auto-scanning resumefields, job criteria-wise intelligent-search, search inner texts of resumeusing Google api; resume categorization and employer categorization modules.Reports: job seeker’s port folio, tracking reports, search patterns report. 

Title Insurance System-http://www.taxtitleservices.com 
Client providing title insurance on properties obtained from defaultedtax liens without a court foreclosure action, on a state-by-state developmentbasis, that would enable tax lien/deed investors to obtain title insurance ontheir tax-deeded properties without the need to file quiet title actions or towait out statute of limitation periods. Have developed modules such as ordermanagement, online billing & payments, certificate modules, portfoliomanagement & customer support module, reports, etc. 

Amazone/eBay Seller Tool 
Using Amazon’s web service, this tool brings selected data to user’sdesktop. Using this tool user can manage his inventory in real time. Also, auser can access his competitor’s prices and have the option to manually or automaticallyadjust his prices to remain competitive. User can create new listings andupload them to Amazon/eBay in seconds using our easy-to-use interface. 

Have implemented various use cases like manage inventory, manage stores,register product, subscribe the service, set options and search listing. 

Car Auction System Phase I & II 
Client is a new generation automobiles auctioneer on web. Clientleveraging the power of internet to open their vehicle inventory online. Haveresponsibility of analyzing business requirements and assisting in shaping thebusiness methodology and technology. List of module developed in back-end: a.Sales module b. Transaction module c. Transportation d. Arbitration e. Faxmodule (automatic e-faxing of bluebook to each dealer) f. Purchase draft ande-check generation. Have implemented following modules in their front-endapplication: a. Auction modules b. Inventory upload c. Book sheet (bluebook) d.Search a car


Desktop Applications 

A large Bilingual Publisher in UK 
With the advent of computers and its growing popularity in the homesectors it is now a common thing seeing kids spending their time sitting infront of computers. Converting this time to a valuable learning is a challengeand can be achieved by making a CD-Rom rich in contents (containing animationand interactivity).The proposed solution to the above problem is designed totake care of the proper utilization of Digital potential to deliver a CD-Romrich in contents to grow interest for the languages in kids and help them tounderstand and learn the languages in a simple and never forgetting manner. 

We are doing the process of compilation of the CD-Rom, under thediscussion and assistance, assembling various Folk stories in animated formatwith interactivity to test the basic understanding of the Languages. 

CDR project for a Telecom company inSwitzerland 
Import CSV file to database and generate reports for view & print,like Consumer/Customer Data, Provider Data, Identical Records and DifferentialRecords .The desktop application is developed using .NET/Access with 2interfaces. First interface will allow user to select 2 csv file ( for consumer& provider) and those will be exported in the database. The 2nd Interfacewill show for reports. 

Device level protection software for a prestigiousDepartment of Defense , India Government
The Job involved supply and installation of a Device Level protectionsoftware in predefined desktops , to and in an external Hard drive ,whichenabled storage of data in encrypted format in the shared folder of one of thepredefined desktops , connected in a LAN to the other desktops and also in aportable external Hard drive. Device Level protection codes was provided toensure that the encrypted data could be viewed and modified at only thesepredefined desktops. Further , provision was made so that the encrypted datacould be decrypted for reading , modifying , adding and deleting at only thosepredefined desktops in which the corresponding Application software was installed. Hardware lock was provided in those desktops connected in LAN , which allowedthe Application software to run in those predefined desktops. 

CRM for an UK school
ICG has developed a programme to report key information in a particularformat desired by the school in UK and is available in 25 languages. Theprogramme works on Windows versions 98 upwards. Different translations of theinformation were provided, ICG incorporated the sentences in a manner thatreports with accuracy what the school requires. The solution has the capacityto add new languages or even correct translations that are already delivered.ICG has also incorporated the facility to change or add new information thatthe school may require as Government Education policies changes in UK. Theprogramme has a password entry system and a time limited feature with a duallanguage printouts .The purpose is to give the school confidence that they arereporting correctly when printouts are in languages which teachers do notspeak. Basically, the school fills in fields about itself, addressess, heads,class, timing,etc and then this is outputted in any one of 25 languages. Theclient had used Opus in the previous version of the product but since the texthas to be a graphic, in order to output to high level of resolution, they hadto make the graphic very large for the printer to compressed without the textpixillating. This had taken time and was cumbersome for them. ICG suggested anew version not based on a multimedia programme but on a database programmethat has sufficient "lookup" links between the English base text andsay the corresponding text in different language. The system has been developedon a standalone basis and ICG has used .NET Technology 

Human Resource Management (HRM)
This project was concerned with the "people" dimension inmanagement. The focused areas of the project were employee maintenance,evaluation of each and every employee (appraisal), job analysis, employeedevelopment, recruitment, maintenance of employee remuneration. This projectwas a desktop application and had been developed using VB6 and SQL Server. 

HRMS, Payroll, Manufacturing System and Accounting System including Branch Accounting andMerger of HO Accounts with Branch accounts to generate integrated Accounts forTea Gardens in West Bengal and Assam. 

HRMS, Payroll and Financial Accounting System including Budgeting and Debt Recovery System for Tea Broking House in Assam.

Purchase, Sales and Financial Accounting System for a leading national Electrical Items Manufacturing Company inCalcutta. 

Accounting System for a Medicine Distribution Company in Calcutta


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